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8 Megatrends The Future of SF and Billion Dollar Homes

First, my deep thanks to the many of you who've reached out about the thoughtful profile Carolyne Zinko wrote about me for the front page of the San Francisco Sunday Chronicle earlier this month.

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A Bay Area Luxury Real Estate High and The New Establishment in San Francisco

San Francisco continues its evolution as the City that is continually re-inventing itself both culturally and architecturally.

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Is Pink The New Green? New Heights In Global Real Estate

Greetings from San Francisco! This month, looking at the leading edge of environmental sustainability in real estate, the latest question is this: Is pink the new green?

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Real Estate Meets Fashion and Tech and The Biggest "Virtual" Real Estate Deal

Real estate has always intersected with architecture and design, but when it combines with fashion, the results range from the revolutionary (such as fashion legend Pierre Cardin's infamous "Bubble House"), to the classically chic (as with Net-a-Porter founder Natalie Massenet's London mansion). In the case of Tommy Hilfiger, it's both!

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Top New San Francisco Projects, Is Real Estate in a Bubble?

With San Francisco housing prices exceeding that of the 2008 peak by more than 20% for single family homes and 40% for condominiums, the big question is: are we in a real estate bubble?

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SF's Starchitect Buildings and The $484,000,000 Listing

As we approach Summer, the San Francisco Bay Area real estate market is still hot. One new study shows that the median price for luxury homes in the City -- $5,350,000 -- is the highest in the nation! Another shows that, for the 2nd year in a row, San Francisco is ranked as the best commercial real estate market in the country.

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The Latest Record-Breaking Sale and SF's Newest Luxury Towers

This month, the global luxury real estate market continues to reach new highs with a record-breaking sale of $145,000,000 of an 18 acre beachfront estate in East Hampton (it didn't take long for the identity of the mystery buyer to be revealed!) Here is a sneak peak into the world's 10 most expensive apartments for sale.

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Who Won the $100,000,000 Bidding War and SF's Top 40 New Buildings

Ultra-luxury real estate around the world continues it's upward trajectory, with the latest development being the bidding war that erupted between 3 international billionaires over the French-style Fleur De Lys Estate in Los Angeles, with speculations being the winner is either a highly secretive French billionaire or, more likely, a well-know Wall Street figure paying $102,000,000.

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San Francisco in the Year 2033 and The New Super High Rises

Continuing its tradition as the City that is constantly re-inventing itself, San Francisco's landscape is changing at dizzying speed! Huffington Post recently published this fascinating glimpse of how it will look in the year 2033.

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