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Exclusive insights into the San Francisco Bay area real estate market and community events.

The $1 Billion Listing and Bay Area's 15 Largest Homes

As we approach Fall, San Francisco's real estate market continues to sizzle. No more so than in the construction of glimmering new high rises.

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SF: The World's #1 City by 2024? A $500,000,000 Bel Air Home!

The NEW New York, And What is the World's Greenest Economy?

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Versailles in the Sky! and The World's Newest, Tallest, Greenest Tower

As we move further into 2015, we see a new 9th megatrend emerging to shape the future of the City, in addition to the "Eight Megatrends: The Future of San Francisco" I discussed in previous editions -- and that is the huge scope of international investment here.

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BRAVO TV's Million Dollar Listing SF, The Sky's The Limit

As 2015 unfolds at lightning speed, we're seeing several trends emerging that I touched on in my "crystal ball" article of last year "Eight Megatrends: The Future of San Francisco" -- and one of these trends in particular is continuing strong: the national and international media fascination with San Francisco and its real estate.

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SF's Newest, Biggest Penthouse! The Future of Silicon Valley

This month, with San Francisco now the fifth most popular city world-wide for the uber-wealthy, the ultra-luxury market in San Francisco continues to soar to new highs.

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The New Philanthropy and Real Estate Plus Architectural Fantasies

As we begin the Year of the Goat in the 2015 Chinese year (starting February 19th), we're told that this particular Zodiac sign represents compassion, gentleness and kindheartedness.

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The New Architecture and Record Breaking Sales

As we ring in the New Year, architecture, design and real estate continue to evolve in new ways, with eye-catching new forms.

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Eight Megatrends The Future of San Francisco and Billion Dollar Homes

San Francisco has long had a colorful history as a boom and bust town, starting with the Gold Rush of 1849 and continuing on to the Dot-Com boom of 1999.

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Crystal Ball 2015! Hollywood Comes to Silicon Valley

The past year has been an extraordinary one for San Francisco, with records broken, expectations exceeded and new surprises in culture, business, technology and real estate coming our way every month!

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