From London's 1 Hyde Park, considered the world's most expensive building (Vanity Fair published a fabulous article about it), to the listing of Martin Zeig's penthouse at the Pierre in New York for $125,000,000, the world-wide boom in ultra-luxury real estate continues as US stock markets reach new highs.

The Bay area real estate market is no less strong, with mega-projects such as Apple's futuristic $3B USD spaceship-like headquarters projected to open in 2016, and the new 52 story office/luxury condominium high-rise next to the TransBay Tower approved this month.  And on the residential side, the San Francisco Association of Realtors reports the price of single family homes up an amazing 26%.  

The City's cultural, social, entertainment and social life is also keeping pace, with it's usual dizzying array of galas and events benefiting a wide variety of very worthwhile causes -- from the Opening Gala of the exciting new waterfront Exploratorium, to the Conservatory of Music Gala, and the Richmond Ermet AIDS Foundation Dances From the Heart, and many others.